DKM Pulp Moulding System DKM 54-20

Moulder M 54-20 , Process P 54-20 , Dryer D 54-20

Installation of the moulder and process are provided as part of the cost. This is a company supervised installation.
Training on the moulder and process is provided as part of the installation cost. All maintenance staff and skilled operational personnel are required to be on-site and assist in the installation of the equipment. All production staff required for every shift must be available for training during the last week of installation. Schedule TBD by Seller Installation manager.
Estimated Delivery: 12 months from receipt of deposit for machine.
On site assembly: 4 weeks.

List of Equipment supplied with each DKM 54-20

  1. Moulder M54-20 and process P54-20
  2. Single Source Pulping System
  3. DKM Dryer D 54-20
  4. Dies

Moulder 54-20 and process P54-20

Four face VFD driven stainless steel molding drum with quick die clamps suited for quickdie change, anti friction bearings (Platen size 1372 mm x 381mm)single face transfer.

  • Automatic die and decal wash system. This water is heated through a heat exchange system from the seal water in the vacuum pump.
  • Automatic transfer die oiling and cleaning system.
  • Manual and automatic operating settings.
  • One air receiver and one air puff receiver tank with inline filter, regulator and lubricators.
  • All necessary electrical controls and starters all wired to a control panel that can be run in automatic or manual.
  • One stainless steel molding vat with a constant pulp flow system for product weight control, one 1100 liters per minute pulp transfer pump and 450 liter stainless steel circulation tank with automatic pulp level control from the pulpers.
  • One 230 psi die and decal wash pump and spray wash gun for cleaning dies.
  • One Travaini vacuum pump 75Kw – 50cubic meters per minute.
  • One 385 litres per minute seal water pump.
  • One white water pump 900 litres per minute.
  • One 1530 liter stainless steel vacuum tanks and one white water return Pumps @ 962 litres per minute.
  • Five heavy structural assembly frame epoxy coated.
  • Technical Services Supplied for installation and start-up.
  • Drawings
  • Assembly
  • Crating
  • Loading
  • Documentation
  • Jobsite Installation Materials
  • Spare Parts (limited supply)
  • All required electrical wiring (Note: the Buyer shall supply at its expense all the necessary electrical power including transformer as required by Seller for the Equipment as well as all cables up to the Seller’s control panels)

Single Source Pulping System

  • Two Pulpers with 37Kw with two speed motors @ 2400 liters @ 5.5% and 6000 liters @1.8% These pulpers work in sequence and are completely automated. You push the start button and #1 pulper fills up to the pulping level, the lift bin is loaded with paper manually, dumps into the pulper automatically. The pulper then pulps for a preset time (on the panel) and then automatically fills up to the final usage level. At this time the pulper drive goes down to low and automatically starts filling the circulation tank and vat. When the tank is empty the cycle starts over (pulper #1) and then the next pulper is automatically selected #2 which has already gone through the same process as pulper #1. Then pulper #1 and so on.
    Two pulpers supplying 340 Kg per hour. Pulp is supplied on demand to the pulp circulation tank by gravity.
  • Pulp is supplied on demand to the pulp circulation tank by gravity.
  • Two 12 000 liter white water tank with agitators.

DKM Dryer D 54-20

This three Pass Two Zone Dryer (for 54” system) has:

  • One 11.8 meter bi directional air flow dryer zone.
  • One main conveyor drive motor with a VFD control to match the speed of the Moulder.
  • One 2.5 meter lead-in conveyor with adjustable height.
  • One automatic chain oiling system.
  • Fabricated from structural steel and heavy galvanized steel sheeting.
  • Has a continuous variable speed roller chain tray conveyors that automatically matches the Moulding speed of the DKM moulder.
  • One Natural gas or oil burners Total 3,600,000 btu’s
  • Two blower plug circulation fans. (370 cubic meters per minute)
  • One exhaust fan per zone.(126 cubic meters per minute).
  • One makeup air inlet fan per zone.(76 cubic meters per minute) .
  • Has a high temperature cut off and E stops .
  • Cross duct heat exchange system returning exhaust heat energy back to the makeup air system of the dryer.
  • The dryer is complete with a user friendly PLC main control panel.
  • One heat exchange system per zone, c/w stainless steel storage tank, pump, heat exchange coils for makeup air and the process water and related controls to operate the system.
  • This heat exchange system removes heat energy from the exhaust and returns it back into the makeup air for the dryer and then goes into the white water tanks to heat them.
  • The exhaust system includes a water recovery.
  • The insulation is 10 cm rock wool fiber board. The panels are assembled to provide a sealed enclosure.


  • This machines comes with 5- transfer and 20-forming dies